They say the boots are made for walkin’…

Personally I think the boots are made for struttin’, scootin’, hustlin’ and kickin’ up dirt  – regardless of your opinion – the fact remains a girl can’t go past a gorgeous pair of boots.  I am in desperate need of replenishing my boot cupboard which has taken a beating over the past few years. In fact I am embarrassed to say that I will be flying into Texas relatively boot-less.  The one pair I have left are just not fit for viewing on any level… I will be arriving in Sketchers … I am ashamed of myself already.  You can guarantee The Boss will be rocking out her favourite Texas Flag boots – which I must admit are quite devine – but in spite of her rather handsome collection of dirt kickers she has already planned to buy an extra suitcase in addition to the 2 each we are entitled purely for boots.  I will likely be doing the same.

So where in Texas is the go too boot maker?  When you have to plonk down your hard earned cash and you want your boots to stand up to all the hell and partying you plan to put them through – WHERE DO YOU GO?

Comment below with your links, your advice, your local knowledge.  We’ll be sure to tell them that you sent us.  😉


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