BBQ baby …. ribs get in my belly!

So where in Texas is the absolute best ribs? What makes them great?  Is it the rub? Wet Vs Dry?  Is it the beer served with it?  The atmosphere of the place? The fellow foodies chowing down?

Tell us where these awesome ribs are – tell us why they are great – and give us an introduction to them so we can tell them we are coming!!

The good lord knows that there is nothing better than sitting down to a frosty beer and some lip smacking ribs – so hook a sister (or two!) up!  We’ve got a need to get our hands dirty and belly filled!

Now I will admit – I like to eat with my hands.  We were given fingers for more than just swiping right on Tinder!  We had them before that Clever Kenny invented knives and forks so I tend to like to keep them in use.  So tell me – is there a restaurant out there that prefers we just hook in and start gnawing? Or am I going to have to go all Madame Duchess on myself and actually use the cutlery?  Please say no…..

I’m pretty sure the The Boss agrees with me here – when in Texas – do as Texans do – so we are going to be reliant on your guidance on all the best food houses for us to get our sustenance! Don’t just be thinking dinner though!  There is Breakfast, brunch, lunch – all the eating sessions to be covered – so bring it on and lets start throwing those menus on the table!

Share it out far and wide – link us up to your website – your menu – your food blog – heck just send us a photo of your coffee this morning!  No seriously … I love coffee – send me a shot.


Okay – so while this coffee art may be accurate with regards to how I look prior to my first cup of the morning – I would much prefer to have a picture of Tony Romo on there – just sayin’.

In the interests of transparency though – black with none will be just fine… no need to try and impress with the artwork… just mainline that caffeine and be done with it.

Can’t wait to see your recommendations!


The Boss and the General





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