And so the planning begins…

cropped-texasflag-497x201.jpg……   This is not my first rodeo folks… I’ve had a few visits now to my favourite overseas State of Texas. This is however, the first one that will have had any planning whatsoever.  This is putting me slightly outside of my comfort zone – however – it is necessary as this is also the very first trip that I will be undertaking with a fellow traveller…. and this travelling sidekick of mine is about to blow l’il ol’ Texas right out of the water.  That State has no idea what kind of human tornado is on its way.

My good friend Juanita –  who will henceforth be known as Boss Hogg (more on that later)… is a well respected Hair and Make Up artist – specialising in Retro, Rockabilly and old Glamour.  She doesn’t go down to the corner shop for milk unless she is looking her absolute stunning best – so you can understand why I am a little concerned as to how exactly we will travel together.  I am the Queen in wake up – hair up – get out.  The thought of having to factor in time to, you know, actually make an effort – well that just hurts me and my love of sleep.  ‘The Boss’ is going to be sitting in the Caddy looking effortlessly chic and styled – while ol’ General Lee here is going to be playing wannabe wingman.  This is going to be tough!

The Caddy you ask?  Now – Boss Hogg….  one of the first things The Boss requested of me when we first started talking about this road trip was:

Can we have a car just like Boss Hogg????boss-hogg-car

Yep – old gas guzzler Caddy it is… and not just that – it has to have horns. HORNS!!  Because standing out and being noticed is going to be number 1 on the priority list I see.  Why am I the General Lee?  Because while I can’t pull off the Daisy Dukes look – I CAN pull off driving that gorgeous muscle car!


You can see it can’t you ….  and I know you all agree – the Dodge Charger wins hands down!  So it’s the Boss and the General – and we are going to be road trippin Texas in January 2018.


This is where you come in…. we are going to need help. Lots of help! We will need guidance – advice – names and numbers.  Whatever you think would put us on the right path to seeing the best of Texas and meeting the best Texans.  We like a beer, we like our boots and we love a Cowboy – so leave us a message – send us some links – show us some Texas love and we will be sure to shout our thanks (and reviews!) from the rooftops.  This whole trip is going to be photographed, filmed and blogged – so get on the Boss and General Train folks – only 10 months til we leave the station and right now – the map is unmarked and clear!  Can you help a sister out??  Share out the blog – put us onto your friends – your networks – hell give us to your local newspaper editor … they have to know the local highlights don’t they?

Can’t wait to see you again Texas!!

with love

The Boss and The General.



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