Coming to a town in Texas near you … January 2018…

TWO CHICKS AND TEXAS …. it’s going to be EPIC!!

Myself, Katie-Lee (aka The General) and Juanita (The Boss) … in a horned Caddy taking in the backroads of Texas.  We are all about boots and spangles.  Well, The Boss has a fancy for Big Hair as well but that’s another chapter for another day.

Where are we going?  Not sure.

What are we going to get up too?  NO IDEA!

Are we going to have early nights and drink cups of tea?  HELL TO THE NO!

We want to see all the small towns, dusty bars and honky tonks that we can manage! We want to see the out of the way attractions and meet the locals.  If you are having a festival, a sporting event, even a town market – we want to know about it and see if we can put it into the itinerary!  We want to blog about it – instagram it – we want to sensationalise it! Put us on your map – and let us tell the world how great it is!

Follow us – share us – drop us a line.  Tell us everything you think we need to know – and lets see if we can make a plan!

This is going to be FUN!!

PS – I do need more boots – so if you could point me in the direction of the best boot guy you would be doing me a solid.  Cheers!


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